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Interested in Placing a Child or Young Adult?

All referrals will be promptly responded to. In considering a young person, we will always seek to carefully match and impact assess with young people already in our care. Whilst we do not take same day admissions, we can respond swiftly to the circumstances the young person and referrer find themselves in.

Referral Process

Initial Contact

When we receive a referral we will take down contact details and pass on to the relevant home manager, together with any initial paperwork

Follow up

A home manager will contact you to collect any additional information and answer any questions about our service


We always like to assess a young person in their current location and more often than not will inform of an outcome the same day.

Home Visit

Assessment is a two-way process. If we can help a young person we will invite them to visit us and check out where they might be living.

Which days are you available?
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Thanks for referring. We'll get back to you asap.


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