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Hartmore Genesis is a well established company providing residential, therapeutic and education services to children and young adults with a variety of social, psychological, behavioural and mental health challenges. We operate a small number of four and five-bedded homes in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Pembrokeshire along with specialist SEN schools.

To ensure these complex needs are met, and children can be supported towards positive outcomes, Hartmore Genesis places the highest value on full regulatory compliance. This is achieved by a comprehensive programme of monitoring quality standards, with early intervention strategies developed to recognise and act upon shortfalls. We are committed to partnership approaches both with our regulators (Ofsted, CQC, CIW) and with our local authority and NHS customers. We see regular feedback and the highest standards in reporting, as some of the most important Key Performance Indicators we monitor.

There is a firm commitment to staff development, offering employees the opportunity to obtain formal qualifications and a broad-base of specialist training pertinent to working with the specific sub-specialist client group. We are committed to creating a positive culture for all staff, within which they can develop their full potential as professionals

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A word from our CEO

Hartmore Genesis is a young and dynamic company dedicated to making a real and lasting difference to the lives of some of our most vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

Recognising difference. Creating Memories. Enhancing lives. These are the cornerstones of our commitment to children and young people.

No matter how big or small the goal, our aim must always be to support and promote our children and young people to be the best version of themselves possible.

Whether it be the bond developed between pupil and teaching assistant, the kick-about between child and keyworker in the garden or that Spanish holiday the home enjoyed last summer, everything we do is centred upon Enhancing Lives, Recognising Difference and Creating Memories. We embrace these goals just as we embrace the children and young people entrusted to our care.

I am proud of Hartmore Genesis, I am proud of our teams and the work they do and I know that they are proud of the children and young people they get to meet and care for each and every day.

Hartmore Genesis CEO
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The Experience of Children & Young Adults

At the core of Genesis cte’s objectives is to ensure each child and young adult experiences our care as compassionate, consistent, and based on firm humanistic principles. We have developed a clearly defined value-base, along with a practical and usable evidence-based approach, the principles of which are detailed on this website). We also aim to provide physical environments that are homely, comfortable which helps us meet the individual needs of each child or young adult. This includes locating our services in pleasant detached properties in agreeable and safe rural locations.

Making a Positive Difference

We are wholly committed, not to merely providing a nurturing and safe care environment in which children and vulnerable young adults are properly protected (both from themselves and others), but also in making a genuine, positive difference to their lives. Ensuring measurable, positive outcomes is crucial. Therefore, we look to help each individual move towards a healthier, more developmentally appropriate future in which they can function successfully in a more normative placement option (foster care, supported or independent living, or a return to family). Further, our intention is to help them to enjoy more normalised social relationships within friendship groups, achieve optimum educational and vocational success, and can look forward to a life where they are able to fully realise their abilities and talents. This also means being able to cope successfully with the normal stresses and frustrations of life, and being productive in a way that contributes to the community as a whole.


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Our mission

Put simply, our mission is to make real and lasting difference to children and young people. To help young people be their best version of themselves. To create memories and enhance lives. To ensure the young people in our care receive the same opportunities and positive life experiences we would want for our own children.

Our vision

To grow and become a recognised top quality provider of education and residential care; whilst retaining a true sense of family for our staff and young people alike.

Our Values

Every child has the right to a safe and happy life

Every child should have the opportunity to enjoy positive life experiences and create memories

We are ambitious for our children and young people to reach their goals, big or small, and be the best that they can be.

Every child’s voice should be heard, their differences recognised and valued

Let’s make a positive difference each and every day

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