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Our Services


Central to all our care practice is ensuring young people feel safe, cared for and supported to be the best version of themselves.

Hartmore Genesis homes provide fully integrated packages of rehabilitative care, individually tailored to meet the specific needs of the Young Person. The Young Person’s own identified goals are made central to any strategy. These packages of care acknowledge, and indeed promote psychosocial development, and reintegration into the wider community alongside treatment for the Young Person’s difficulties; based on the premise that success and progression in life does not necessarily need to stop due to their presenting issues. This eclectic and holistic approach ensures that belief in development of the individual as a whole person is central to the philosophy of care.

Hartmore Genesis staff are trained in therapeutic parenting with PACE principles promoted throughout the homes.

PACE is a recognised approach designed by Dr Dan Hughes and works on four personal qualities which allow adults to support a child to develop their own self-awareness, emotional intelligence and resilience.



Therapy at Hartmore Genesis is based upon clearly defined therapeutic principles.  The philosophy is eclectic, though is underpinned by training in attachment, trauma and therapeutic parenting based on principles of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy. Therapeutic relationships are informed and supported by DGF Psychology, our therapy partners.

DGF Psychology not only work directly with the children and young people, but also support and train the teams during regular reflective practice and multi-disciplinary meetings

Each young person has a weekly session with the home’s Assistant Psychologist. As the young person settles into their therapy, the approach, duration and goals are tailored to, and negotiated with, the individual; building on the therapeutic relationship and forming a strong working alliance.

Therapeutic work is not limited to a weekly DGF session. The teams work hard to ensure that all interventions are therapeutic and purposeful and designed to enhance the lives of our young people. It is recognised that psychosocial development is an extremely important element of the care and therapy we offer. Young people are supported to not only tackle their problems, but also to develop a strong and positive sense of self.


Hartmore Genesis seeks to support children and young people in optimising educational attainment. Where feasible every effort will be made to engage children and young people in the most appropriate educational environment, including mainstream schools and colleges.

We have our own Ofsted registered school in England. Hartmore School provides a broad-based curriculum at KS2, KS3 and KS4.  This includes GCSEs at the core curriculum subjects of English, mathematics and science, as well as numerous other subjects.

Hartmore Genesis also has a dedicated annexe within the grounds of Alison House for young people living in our self-harm services. This is a girl’s only resource, which also caters for a small number of day pupils who are carefully matched in terms of presentation and educational need.

All our schools maintain excellent lines of communication with our homes, with daily handovers ensuring the progress of young people is monitored and reported upon.

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