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Modern Slavery Statement


Genesis CTE and Hartmore Education

This statement is published on behalf of Hartmore Genesis in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

It sets out the steps and policy the Company has taken to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in any of our business and supply chains.

Genesis CTE are leading providers of residential care for children with emotional behavioural disorders who require care, therapy and education.

Our business currently consists of four residential homes for children and young people between the ages of 13 and 21, and two SEN schools in Gloucestershire covering primary and secondary education. We also have three residential homes in Pembrokeshire.

Our business is regulated as appropriate by OFSTED, CQC and CIW (Care Inspectorate Wales). We are regularly inspected to show that we meet compliance with the standards set by these regulatory bodies.


We commit to ensure that there is no Modern Slavery or Human Trafficking in any part of our business or in those of our supply chains. Our Modern Slavery policy reflects our commitment to act with integrity, transparency and adhere to ethical values.

We have a zero-tolerance stance. Slavery and trafficking of people are absolutely irreconcilable with our core ethical values and the essence of care that is central to our purpose as an organisation; as an employer, as a service, and as professional safe-guarders and carers for vulnerable children and young people.

Relevant policies



Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults


Modern Slavery

Our employee and officers are required to be trained in, and adhere to these policies.

Supply chains

Supply chains include

The supply oif staff permanent and temporary through external agencys

IT provision

Waste clearance provision

Utilities and telecoms

Supply of IT hardware and software

Food shopping and household goods

Where there is a contract or SLA for provision of services we expect to see a Modern Slavery statement to ensure the company statement is compatible with our own.

We expect there to be transparency both ways with our business partners and encourage all stakeholders to report any concerns regarding Modern Slavery.

We continually monitor the provision of our external service providers.

We effectively investigate all onboarding employees for right to work, full verification of their employment history, ID documents, address and references. We insist on enhanced DBS certification.

Agency provision is vetted and must comply with our own standards, including National Minimum Wage.

Whistle-blowers are protected and the process is clear.


Our staff training programme is broad and relevant to safeguarding against potential exploitation. It is constantly reviewed and updated to encompass additional risk and knowledge. This includes FGM, PREVENT and Child Sexual Exploitation and Child criminal exploitation and County Lines.

Such training is mandatory, proactive, ongoing and regularly refreshed. Risks are assessed from referral stage onwards.

The ultimate aim is to safeguard the children in our care, instil the ability to make sensible and safe decisions and to promote healthy relationships.



Our IT provision strictly controls and filters inappropriate material and usage to remove, where possible, harmful materials or exposure to persons who may manipulate or cause harm. Our young people need to use technology in a safe, secure and controlled way. The use of guardian apps is standard. We may also remove access to technology if concerns are raised or inappropriate use is detected, until the access to such technology can be made safe and controlled again.


Specialist support

We are a therapeutic service and as such have access to the resource of Psychologists who can support our young people with issues such as self-harm, eating disorders, anxiety – or any issues that might make them vulnerable to exploitation or undue influence.

In the event of a safeguarding concern, multi agency practitioners will come together to support any young person in our service who is impacted. Additionally, any employee who is subject to a safeguarding concern is supported in the same way. Multi agency stakeholder can include LADO, social services, police as well as the company.

Managers are trained in the process of facilitating reports and dealing with matters arising in a professional, confidential and supportive way.

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