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Rock Climbing
"The place is awesome, they try their best and make sure you have the best"

Oaklands Young Person

Testimonials from our team


Having never worked in self harm before initially it was a little bit scary being in a new environment….. everyone was really supportive, the staff team and management alike.


It is …. heart-warming to see how engaging the staff are with the young people.

The home feels warm and friendly with elements of a family feel which is nurturing and positive. Christmas was lovely with the boys contributing to the cooking of Christmas dinner and the staff and boys all having fun during what can be a reflective and stressful time for our young people.  


I have found my experience with Genesis CTE very enjoyable and felt supported. I feel that I can help colleagues and children reach their potential within this setting.

I believe that this setting will allow me to develop further in my career.


When we saw S during the last family visit he had seemed to have really matured. He has come on well and is doing very well. We are having more contact over the phone as well, which is nice. S seems excited to be going on holiday soon and he has arranged to see us a few days before. I know that [social care] are looking for somewhere for S to live when he moves out of Chasewater House.
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